Frequently Asked Questions

Leadership Excellence (LE) Certificate

Through an offering of in-person sessions and webinars, this program orients participants to the unique aspects of the Ontario college context, while deepening the understanding of roles and responsibilities of the senior leader.

The program also provides important networking and shared learning opportunities with senior college leaders enabling participants to broaden their connections, build confidence and gain new perspectives.

Who is eligible to participate in the Leadership Excellence (LE) Certificate program?

The Leadership Excellence (LE) Certificate program is designed for Ontario college administrators who show interest in pursuing senior leadership roles, or deepening their system knowledge and leadership capacity: 

    • Those in the role of AVP, dean/director, associate dean/chair, or senior manager will find these sessions to be relevant.
    • As there is a time commitment involved, as well as monetary costs, participants are asked to have college support (from their direct supervisor, or the appropriate designate) in order to enrol.
    • If you are a senior leader recommending this program to your staff, consider working with your HR team to identify candidates at your College.          

What is the cost associated with enrolling in the program? 

    • Leadership Symposium, pre-Higher Education Summit ($245.00)
    • 2023 Higher Education Summit – November 26/27 – Mandatory, two in-person elective credits  (full conference registration fees apply);
    • All other sessions are offered at no fee to the participant.

How long does it take to complete the program and what is required to successfully complete it? 

Most participants complete the program in one – two years, but there is no timeline in which it must be completed. There are five mandatory credits, and six elective credits that must be completed.

Who are the facilitators/instructors in the program? 

Facilitators and instructors represent:

    • system partners (e.g., vendors/consultants/legal counsel) who work closely with colleges;
    • leaders within the Ontario college system and its affiliates; and
    • experts in their fields.

How are the sessions offered?

Sessions are offered in a variety of ways:

    • Virtual: asynchronous and synchronous activities
    • Webinar format (live and recorded): 90 minute sessions, with Q & A
    • In-person events:
      • Leadership Symposium (November 26, 2023) Mandatory
      • 2023 Higher Education Summit - two in-person, elective credits (November 26-27, 2023) Mandatory 

How do participants enrol? And when?

Participants can enrol online - click here for the enrolment form. 

Registration is open any time during the year, but we recommend enroling for a September start.

How can I find more information about the LE Certificate program specifics, including dates and registration links?

Click here to visit the Leadership Excellence Certificate program webpage.

For more information, please contact Diane Posterski, Program Manager.