Frequently Asked Questions

Advanced Good Governance (AGG) Certificate

Building on the Good Governance Certificate (prerequisite for the AGG Certificate), this certificate program deepens the knowledge and understanding of college governance, within the college context. This is the second certificate to be completed.

Who is eligible to participate in the AGG Certificate program?

As part of the Board Excellence program, the AGG Certificate program is uniquely designed for Ontario college boards of governors. As such, those eligible to enroll in this program include: 

    • all governors from the 24 CAAT colleges;
    • staff that directly support the work of the Board (executive assistant/secretary to the Board, and other directors/coordinators of boards);
    • executive team members that work with and support the Board (and their executive assistants);
    • board members of those organizations that have an affinity with the sector (e.g., OCAA, OntarioLearn, etc.); and
    • those who have completed the Good Governance (GG) Certificate.

What is the cost associated with enrolling in the program? 

There is no cost to Ontario CAAT colleges for enrolling in Board Excellence Certificate program sessions, apart from optional attendance at the Higher Education Summit (where elective concurrent sessions are offered). For other affinity groups, there is an annual fee to enroll their board members. 

How long does it take to complete the program and what is required to successfully complete it? 

Most participants complete the AGG Certificate in one – two years, but there is no timeline in which it must be completed. Required credits include:

    • Completion of the Good Governance Certificate;
    • Two mandatory credits (Risk Management Parts one and two - offered virtually); and
    • Three elective credits (choose from webinar options, or in-person options at the Higher Education Summit).

Who are the facilitators/instructors in the program? 

Facilitators and instructors represent:

    • system partners (e.g., vendors/consultants/legal counsel) who work closely with colleges;
    • leaders within the Ontario college system and its affiliates; and
    • experts in their fields.

How are the sessions offered?

Sessions are offered in a variety of ways:

    • Webinar format (live and recorded): 90 minute instructional sessions, with Q & A;
    • Virtual, interactive learning sessions; and
    • In-person: offered as part of the annual Higher Education Summit.

How do participants enroll? And when?

Participants can enroll simply by registering for a session in the program (often at the start of a term). Typically, board EAs/staff share the information with governors and invite them to register, and/or EAs register governors when sessions are associated with the Higher Education Summit.

How can I find more information about the AGG Certificate program specifics, including dates and registration links?

Click here to visit the Advanced Good Governance Certificate program webpage.

For more information, please contact Diane Posterski, Program Manager.